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As you may accept apprehend in my beforehand article, Candid is getting played in three formats – Tests, One-Day and T20s. In adjustment to adjudge the best of the game, the apple cup is getting played, in the One-Day format. I’ve covered a few basic advice about its accessible apple cup, which begins at the end of this month.


2019 candid apple cup, starting from 30th May 2019, is the 12th copy of the men’s candid apple cup. The showpiece accident is the a lot of coveted accolade in the sport, traveling to be played amid 10 teams. The apple cup is consistently played in the One-Day format. The accident is getting captivated in the ODI format. England & Wales will play the host, for the 5th time overall, and the aboriginal time back 1999.


As a accomplishment criterion, eight teams automatically able based on their all-embracing One Day rankings. The endure two spots were fought by six teams in the qualifier played in 2018. That was an acutely fought challenge in Zimbabwe. Six teams were disconnected into two groups, area anniversary aggregation played two matches in the group. Top two teams from anniversary accumulation played the semi-finals, and winners of semi-finals played the final.


India, Australia, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, and Sri Lanka were the teams automatically able based on the rankings. West Indies and Afghanistan were the ones to access through the accomplishment route. Looking at its affluent cricketing history, West Indie getting affected to access through accomplishment was a boxy bolus to absorb for abounding candid lovers.

Based on the contempo anatomy and bout acceptable record, hosts England and India are labeled as favorites to win the competition. Australia – the arresting champions – are the aphotic horses, who may abruptness few teams to win the apple cup. South Africa has been a force to account back their birth in apple cricket, never to go above semifinals. Their admirers are acquisitive that South Africa will breach this jinx to wind a apple cup this time.

Schedule Summary

The accident will alpha on 30th May 2019, and go on for 46 days. The hosts England will play adjoin South Africa in the aperture match. Two semi-finals will be played on 9th July and 11th July respectively, with final to be hosted on 14th July, Sunday.


11 area over 10 altered cities beyond England & Wales will host the apple cup matches.

Here is the account of area & cities:


1. Kennington Oval – London

2. Lord’s – London

3. Trent Bridge – Nottingham

4. Country Arena – Bristol

5. Old Trafford – Manchester

6. The Cooper Association Country Arena – Taunton

7. The Rose Bowl – Southampton

8. Headingley – Leeds

9. Edgbaston – Birmingham

10. Riverside Arena – Chester-le-Street


11. Sophia Gardens – Cardiff

Do appointment the arena and be the allotment of the actual accident if you are in a accurate city-limits on a day.


Cricket – From Tests to T20Is

Looking aback at the bold of cricket, it is able-bodied accustomed in able-bodied over 30 countries in the world. However, alone 11 countries arena all three formats – Test, ODI, and T20I – at the accomplished level. Let us abysmal dive into the change of this gentlemen’s game, from its roots to the avant-garde day.

The bold of candid has its actuality in history way aback in 1725. It has been acclaimed that the bold was played mostly in Great Britain but they were acknowledged in establishing the amateur in Commonwealth countries in or about the 19th century. However, the focus of this commodity is added on its all-embracing architecture than its roots.


In a avant-garde day, this architecture of candid is accepting played for 5 canicule running, with both the teams accepting a adventitious to bat and brawl alert in the match. Anniversary of this adventitious is accepted as an inning. Hence, analysis matches are of four innings.

However, this was a six-day activity in the accomplished with one day of blow amid the third and fourth day, assuredly authoritative it a five-day game. However, times afflicted and so does the exercise levels, which accustomed the accommodation to pan out the blow day and bold accepting played for 5 connected days.

As per history, the bold at its all-embracing akin was aboriginal played amid the United States and Canada in the mid of 19th century, in its longest architecture alleged a analysis match. However, they are not the ones assertive the bold in the avant-garde day. Instead, its Commonwealth countries like India, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, England, etc.

Limited overs cricket

Over a aeon of time, the admirers started activity apathetic and acquainted that the bold should play in a bound time to abet a result, to add action to the game, clashing analysis matches. The aftereffect of this admiration is bound overs cricket, which acquired from backbone to backbone – from 50 overs to 20 overs – to aphorism the world.

In adjustment to accept bound over candid better, let us aboriginal accept the abstraction of over.

An over is a accumulating of six deliveries accepting bowled to a batsman one afterwards the added by the aforementioned getting (known as a bowler).


One Day All-embracing – bargain accepted by its beneath name ODI – is bound over format, area anniversary aggregation gets a adventitious to basin and bat once. Hence, this is a two innings game. Anniversary inning consists of 50 overs, appropriately acceptance to basin 300 acknowledged (bearing advanced assurance and no balls) assurance per inning. This bold is played in a individual day for about three and bisected hour per inning, with the breach of 45 account amid the inning, appropriately authoritative it an activity of approx. 8 hours.

In abreast cricket, this is the architecture accepting acclimated to adjudge a apple best of the game, already every four years, like added accepted sports.


Twenty-20 candid or bargain accepted as T20 is the beeline accustomed architecture of the bold accepting played at all-embracing level. The architecture is absolutely agnate to ODI, with the barring that anniversary inning consists 20 overs instead of 50, appropriately authoritative it an activity of alone 3 hours 30 minutes.

Evolution of this architecture has aswell brought in the glamor to the bold back the architecture is alluring audiences added for and ball than game’s amount values. However, this is the accepted architecture amidst the masses and accept helped advance the bold about the world, due to its beneath time and ball values.

The important affair to agenda actuality is that the analysis architecture still charcoal its best architecture bringing out the amount belief of the bold like technique, concrete endurance, brainy toughness, concentration, and aggregation ethics.

– sport international